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High Tailin' offers the best fishing charter in St Augustine, This page is where you can find the latest St Augustine fishing reports from Captain Cullen Traverso. As an experienced and knowledgeable fly fishing guide, Captain Cullen is dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date fishing reports to help anglers plan their fly fishing adventures in St. Augustine.

Our fishing reports provide valuable information on current fishing conditions. Captain Cullen's firsthand observations and insights on the local fishing scene will give you a competitive edge in your pursuit of the perfect catch. Whether you're interested in inshore, nearshore, or backwater fly fishing, Captain Cullen's fishing reports will keep you informed on the best techniques, baits, and locations to maximize your chances of success. From chasing snook, redfish, trout, and tarpon, to exploring the scenic waters of St. Augustine, our fishing reports are your go-to resource for planning your next fishing adventure with High Tailin' Fishing Charters.

We get these questions a lot. How is the fishing in St. Augustine? What saltwater fish are in St. Augustine? Is St. Augustine water safe? Some of the common saltwater fish species that can be found in the waters around St. Augustine include redfish (red drum) and spotted seatrout (speckled trout). 

Fly fishing trips of High Tailin typically offers an exciting and immersive experience for anglers who enjoy the art of fly fishing. Captain Cullen, as a professional fishing guide, would likely provide expert knowledge of the local waters, including the best fishing spots, seasonal patterns, and techniques specific to the area. Fly fishing trips with Captain Cullen may involve fishing in various types of water bodies, such as rivers, estuaries, flats, or nearshore waters, depending on the location.

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St. Augustine Fishing Report  fishing report coverpicture

June 5, 2024

St. Augustine Fishing Report

We had an incredible time fishing in St. Augustine. Everyone was thrilled and picked up new skills along the way. The excitement of the catch and the stunning surroundings made for an unforgettable experience. Don't miss out—book your St. Augustine Fishing Charter today!
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Saint Augustine Fishing Report - Snook Fishing 2023 fishing report coverpicture

April 5, 2023

Saint Augustine Fishing Report - Snook Fishing 2023

Hey there, fishing enthusiasts! Captain Cullen here with a quick fishing report from my recent trip in St. Augustine, targeting snook on fly. We decided to switch things up and go after some new saltwater species, and my guest Reid did an amazing job on the fly rod. We managed to hook into some impressive snook during our trip. Although we were successful in landing some snook, there were still some elusive zebra fish that managed to escape us. But they're definitely still on our list for future trips! Fishing in St. Augustine always presents exciting challenges and opportunities, and it's been a blast exploring the waters with my guests. Can't wait for more adventures and tight lines in the future!
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Redfish fishing report coverpicture

November 4, 2022


At St. Augustine, the water temperature drops, and clear waters make for excellent sight-fishing for big Drums and Redfish. Fish with us!
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Late August Fishing Report, St Augustine fishing report coverpicture

August 31, 2022

Late August Fishing Report, St Augustine

As days begin to shorten & temps begin to cool, the resfish & flounder bite are really heating up. From slot size redfish in the shallows to bulls in the inlet, there's plenty of redfishing opportunities this time of year. Add in the first waves of the seasonal mullet run and we're starting to see more tarpon & jack crevale coming in to feed. August has been one of the best months I've seen for flounder & doesnt seem to be slowing down either. In the ocean, we've seen a push of the gulf stream come in closer off the beach which has brought in pods of blood minnows which serves feeding opportunities for tarpon, bonita, javk crevale, & spanish mackeral.  Fall is my favorite tine of the year to fish here as there's often a lot of activity & options to target a wide variety of species.
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July 11, 2022

St Augustine, Fishing Report

A great morning of catching slams & bulls with Ben & Alicia during their visit to St. Augustine. The Redfish fishing is fantastic these days down in St. Augustine, book now for a trip you wont forget! What better way to catch Redfish than while Fly Fishing!